ABaCAS-SE: Air Benefit and Cost and Attainment Assessment System - Streamlined Edition
Introduction 系统简介
   ABaCAS-SE (Air Benefit and Cost and Attainment Assessment System: Streamlined Edition) is the software framework and that integrates the four ABaCAS decision support tools (ICET, RSM-VAT, SMAT-CE, BenMAP-CE). ABaCAS-SE presents researchers and policy makers a user-friendly interface to an integrated assessment system that connects air pollution emissions control costs with health benefits, economic impacts, and air quality attainment tests.
Functional Design 功能框架
   ABaCAS-SE controls the four ABaCAS tools by running them sequentially using a master script. ICET estimates the emission costs associated with future-year control strategies. RSM-VAT/CMAQ uses the emissions reductions calculated by ICET to estimate the changes in air quality resulting from the emissions changes. SMAT-CE fuses archived ambient air monitoring data with the air quality estimates from RSM-VAT/CMAQ to assess if the emissions changes resulted in the attainment of air quality goals or standards. BenMAP-CE uses the fused air quality data generated by SMAT-CE to estimate the health and economic benefits resulting from changes in air quality. Finally, ABaCAS-SE integrates the results from the four modules to provide assessments of emissions control costs and their associated air quality, health, and economic benefits. A key output from ABaCAS-SE is the cumulative cost/benefit ratio ($ benefit per $ cost) for an emissions control strategy. ABaCAS-SE has a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that controls the different ABACAS tools and provides graphical and tabular analysis functions to support intuitive visualization and analysis of these assessment results.
User Interface 操作界面

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